Tuesday, July 1, 2008

The Holey Spirit and Me

I never have been totally happy with any one of the churches I've ever gone to, because they never agree with me 100%, and I know I'm the one that's right. Sure, there have been a few churches that are almost scriptural and true, and those are the ones I have atended in the past, but I have never found one single church to have the blessing of being able to perfectly interpret scripture as I have. :) I am so glad to have been given the special blessing by God Himself and the Holey Spirit to interpret the Bible more accuritly than anyone else in the history of Christianity. :) This is why I think I will have to start my own church, maybe someday vary soon. I see no other way around it. This is vary exiting to me.

Have a blessed day! :) (Unless your Catholoc!)

-The Apostle Mandy


All In A Day's Work said...

Hey Mandy,
I was wondering if you could prophecy over me and let me know what's going to happen in my future? I will be anxiously awaiting to hear from you.. =)~

Amanda said...

Day's Work, Mandy only prophecy's in tounge, so you better understand the language of the day.

Mandy, I so look foward to your church. I assume it will be a virtual church, in Meez? And I certainly hope that all air fornication will be forbidden at your chuch. And, of course, you'll only be allowed in if you can prove that you've read the KJV at least a dozen times, right?

candyisascrazyasitgets said...

right on point, again.

Anonymous said...

The sad, yet quite scary, thing is that I don't doubt for a second that she thinks she is special enough to create her own church.

I've said almost from the day I started reading her diatribes that she is a dangerous kind of person. She is full of self pride and pumps herself up to great heights to her readers. She gains their trust then throws them a whamie, and they don't flinch.

Just like other cult leaders who play mind games and suck people in.

She is dangerous. In a lot of ways. She's not just someone worth mocking, although she is that. She is someone to be watched, and carefully.

sweepingthehome said...

Tia, I agree with you 100%

Now I wait in anticipation for a post titled, "Now I am scary!" Can't wait. Bring it on, Candy! :D I'll have a heyday with it!

curtis said...

Tia, your scaring the hell out me.
I am thinking I want to get a IP address blocker if I am going to continue reading her blog. I love your website.

barbie said...

Maybe you should write an ebook like "The Idiots Guide to the KJV" subtitled "Yes, I mean Catholic Sinner!"

barbie said...

Sorry, I'm a Catholic and I feel guilty just being here -I'll try to sweep my dust from your doorstep as I exit.