Friday, August 15, 2008

My Menu

Here's my weekly menu, for anyone who would like to be just like me, hence you can gleen some ideas. :) All my meals are served with kombucha tea.

B-Homemade yoghert and fried potatoes
L-Carrot sticks, boiled potatoes
D-My Famus Salmon, rice, scalloped potatoes

B-Hashbrowns and oatmeal
L-Asstounding mashed potatoe sandwiches
D-Rice topped with leftover mashed potatoes and gravy

B-Potato wedges with homemade ketchup
L-Celery with peanut butter, roasted potatoes
D-Hamburgers, potatoe salad, and homemade french fryes fried in omega 3 fish oil

B-Toast topped with mashed potatoes
L-Tater tot casserole, buttered noodles
D-Spaghetti and french fryes

B-Potatoe pancakes topped with homemade cottage cheese
L-Asstounding bread and potato soup
D-Baked tuna (from the can), rice, baked potatoes


Anonymous said...

I loved the meez party.. I went out to change my clothes into something more perty and my computer locked up.. I sure hope u all have another one of them parties.. them are sure fun.

Kamz4 was me

sweepingthehome said...

Hey Kamz,
I had wondered what happened to you last night. I'm glad you weren't offended by our heathenness. We danced to Michael Jackson's Thriller video after you left.

*<]};o) (evil heathen ho clown)

Hope to see you again sometime!

Anonymous said...

I finally did get back in the room but everyone was getting ready to leave.. but I'll for sure try again.. I'm a Catholic so it is real good for me.. being I'm going to hell:)


kritterc said...

Dear Mandy - I just got finished reading your menu and now I have the urge to move to Idaho.

sweepingthehome said...

I am filed with joy to know that my blogg has enspired you and others, KritterC.

Are you saved? If not, come join the Meez Church of Mandy, untell its two late.

God bless, unless your a horable filthee catholoc. *<]};oP

Anonymous said...

Oh Mandy, you have made me feel so good. You've given me the confirmation I needed to know that all the carb talk is hogwash and we really need as many as possible, even to the extent of ignoring other food groups and nutrition rules. I knew I was right when I gave up all other research and information in favor of my own Internet studying and the Nourishing Traditions book. No one could ever know more than me and my favorite book. Never.

I love your menu and want to come to dinner.

Maggii said...

I am so glad to see potatoes featured at EVERY meal EVERY day. They really are a miracle food. Carbs , Carbs, Carbs, and more Carbs.Does a body good..and pairng them with rice and noddles....Genius!!!

I'm an evil Catholic so we don't eat Potatoes at all meals....

Jenny said...


I read your menu and I have to tell you that I am concerned that you do not have enough potatoes in your diet. I think any good nutritionist would tell you to more in your diet plan. Also, don't forget your ant logs.

Clare said...

Does it bother you that the pope eats potatoes?
I've heard that they have their roots in something pagan.
I'm not meaning to offend or be sheer and absolutely forward with you dear Mandy. Please don't think I'm like those nasty Mandy bashers.
I'm just wondering if you're ok with that.
Myself I'm just sticking with American cheese because, being German, I don't believe the pope eats that.
I can send you my weekly menu, but it's pretty much american cheese and that mushroom brew.Which my hubby says is vial and rediculous.
But nevermind silly old hubs.
What say you Mandy? said...

Mandy, I hope to be HOT and slender for my husband soon just like yOU by following your awesome and amazing diet.

I love your background, but have you thought about changing to one featuring lavendar plants? I bet that would be beautiful.

Anonymous said...

love yer new look

Milehimama said...

Oh Mandy, that sound delishus! I am goeing to make that my menu plane too. Than I can say I ete just like you!

But I wuz wundring if you had good potatoe snak recipees? My husbnad sed we shood ete poetaters for dinnr onlee, but of cours thats jest rediculous. I jest need to hide them better.

Oh, and I'm making out my living will, and was wondring what you thowt about life support and gowing to the hospiatl if I was sick? my husband sez that I shuld keep my small childrn inmind, but I wanted to see what you sed abotu it first. Is IV saleen ok?

Anonymous said...

I have this odd craving for potatoes now... hmmm...

Anonymous said...

i love your menu:)