Friday, July 18, 2008

Ladies, do you dress like a Woman of the Night?

My dear readers,

How do you dress? Do you dress like a true, Christian lady, or a Woman of the Night?

As KJV only lovely Christian ladies, we are to be holey and set appart, so that when we go to Walmart people will look at us and KNOW that we are KJV only Christians.

Here is how a Woman of the Night dresses:

Photobucket Photobucket

Notice how cheap and tacky a Woman of the Night looks. She has no cents of style or modasty. Jeans and pants also tend to show those bulges and sadlebags on the thighs. :( Not that I've ever had that problam, but I do see that on women who ware jeans and pants all the time. Its not a pretty site, ladies. :?

A true Christian lady will wear a dress like one of these:

blue dress red dress pink dress

Before I was a Christian, I dressed like a Woman of the Night. But when I became a Christian and read the autherized 1611 King James Bible all the way threw for the first time, God showed me that I had to change my weighs. I didn't realy want two, because I have a vary hot body from working out 6 hours a day and I wanted to show it off. :? T-shirts draw attentian to my purky breasts and jeans draw attentian to my tite ass. I liked the way women looked at me with envy and men staired at me and winked, or smiled, or asked for my phone numbar. (When I was single, I had no problam getting a date. ;) )

But now that I dress like a true Christian lady, I get so much more respect. Men still stair, but it's a look of admaration and not lust. It's sad, because I've had many men confess to me thay wish they're wive's would dress like me. :( Women now look at me with admaration and not envy, and evan aproach me and ask me Bible questions or Christian mothering advise. They can just tell by looking at me that I'm a born-again Christian! (I admit, they also ask me about my excersise reccomendations - I get mistakan for a fittness coach all the time.)

If you are a true Christian woman you would not ware sweatpants and a big T-shirt eather. That is not dressing like a femanine lady, that is being an ugly, slopey frump, and an embaressment to you're sweet hubby. You know that you're soul purpose in life on earth is to please you're hubby. I can personelIy garuentee that he would be daleriosly happy for you to ware any of the lovely dresses above. ;)

Some women say thay can't ware dresses because thay can't work in a dress. But that is just a laizy excuse. If you think it's not possible to do you're work in a dress, hear are some pictures of women working in beautiful dresses:

Mrs. Doubtfire

modest jogging

A beautiful, feminane dress can work wanders, hence, I encoarege you to go to Goodwill right now and buy some dresses like the ones above.

Have a blessed day! :)


highdesert said...

Dear Mandy,
I need your advice about going to the Burning Man festival. Would this be a sin? I would only think pure thoughts the whole time. I could be an example for the youth. Of course I would wear modest dresses at all times, like the ones you have posted. Even when it is 100 degrees.

Milehimama said...

The FLDS have opened a clothing shop, actually. (Could I make that up?)

Mandy, I must say I'm disappointed that you feel thoes dressis are modist. A true KJV lady dresses in 1611 style, frum when the Bible was written. I've found great deals at Rinazanse Faires.

Working up to Zero said...


I have a serrious question. My father recently dyed and left me some stock in a beer company. This is that un-holey-real beer, not the good Christian beer that my hot-hubby and I drink because we like the taste of it. Would it be right for me to sell the stock and buy a new set of KLV Bibles for our super great but not KJV Only church? I know if they had the KJV Bibles they would know that the supior speelings of Saviour and all that would make them want to be KJV only. OR Should I sell the stock and invest it in a CHristian company that would change the world? I Am SO confused. My Hansom Hubby said I should ask you since you are a know-it-all. I think that is great that he knows you know everthing isn't it? He didn't seem two happy when he said that, but I think it is because I was wearing sweat pants that day and he is unhappy that I haven't lost more than 10 pounds since I had our fouth child three weeks ago. I know when I lose some more weight and dress in dresses he will be more happy. I wish I could be as wonderfull as you, you are such an inspuration.

Amanda said...

Mandi, I am wunce ehgan disapoynted in you. I think it was horublee inapropreeat of you to post those Women of the Knight on your blog, even if it was for demonstrative perposes. My hubbie was looking over my shoaldur (b/c he supervizes all of my internet doings) and saw those pictures, and Mandi, he posativly lusted after those harluts. I am sertan it has nuthing to do with the fact that I dress like a nun. I know it was those vyle pants those women were wareing.

Necks time you post pitchers, you need to think more about how it could leed our bruthers in Krist to stumbull.

Mandi, for someone who claims to be so Christian, you certainly have a long way to go.

Benjamin said...

Mandy - I have a question. Should I use an electric can opener or a manual? I am not sure which one is what a KJV only woman would use. Please let me know as soon as you can because I can't cook dinner until I know.

Amanda said...

Ben, the ansur shood be ovyus: If you can't use or don't use a manual can opuner, then ur cleerly just stoopid, fatt, and laizy.

Only wumun of the knite youse electric can opuners.

Benjamin said...

I am going dresses only this week with matching shoes. Here is my first outfit. I hope it is modest enough.

Anonymous said...

Dear Mandy

You appear to have posted a picture of your nightdress on your blog (the pink one with the short sleeves). Is this wise? I am sure that some men read this blog, and you need to be wary of exciting their lust. It is a terrible thing to lure your brother into sin.

highdesert said...

Well Mandy although you never see fit to take one minute away from all your FERMENTING which I hope is not fermenting of ungodly intoxicants in order to respond to my HEARTFELT question about whether it would be sinful for me to go to the Burning Man festival I know you bin praying for me all along and hoping I will make the right decision and maybe it was all for the best because the answer come to me while I was listening for the "Still Small Voice" well it wasn't a spiritual voice that eventually come to me it was the voice of my Dear Hubby who leaned on my conscience not to go. Now I don't want you to think he makes my spiritual decisions for me oh no we don't have that kind of relationship my spiritual decisions are between me and my conscience but he kind of give me a little nudge in the direction of thinking it might be Feeding the Flesh to go to a place where there would be ungodly sites to see well Mandy I knowed that all along because I read it on a webpage about how some of these men there at the festival they wear ladies dresses or kilts or a THONG or not one solitary thing at all covering there birthday suites and various manly items but I am NOT a sinful woman and seeing those things would NOT have harmed my sole yet Mandy I did take it to hart and am resigned not to go this year so it is all for the best and I will try to SQUASH DOWN MY BOREDOM about seeing NO ONE but the folks at the Safeway and the folks at the Target and the same old CEREAL boxes and VEGETABLES day in day out till I want to SCREAM MANDY IS IT TOO MUCH TO ASK FOR JUST A LITTLE VARITY well I know what you will say read your KJV it is rich with interest well it doesn't always work is what I say oh well thanks for listeneing.

Amanda said...

Great post, highdesert, LOL.

Anonymous said...

I would just like to say that as a true christian lady I am appalled at what I have read. It does no good to dress right if you still cuss. I was very disappointed when I got to the part about you working out. I'm trying to teach our teenage girls how to dress modestly and was looking for good websites and I'm thankful that God gave me the discernment to read everything before I sent the girls information. I'll be praying for you.