Tuesday, July 29, 2008

An answer to a reader

Having a really hard time with the exercise thing and I shouldn't because you don't and you have two more children than I do. I have a two year old and an infant and I really, really need to drop quite a bit of weight. I have found that unless I work out about an hour a day (hard) and watch what I am eating I either don't lose or even gain.

This is while nursing ! Anyway, DH works shifts and I never know if he will be up with us during the day, off doing something for himself, working overtime or sleeping.

I have a treadmil and find it hard to get the girls to give me a solid block of time (to get 45 min it it will take at least an hour and a half with all the interruptions) then I need to shower...etc.

Maybe I am just going to have to let go of a bunch of other things in my routine? I do take the girls for about an hour walk/play time, but if I make that an exercise thing I will have to put my toddler in the stroller and the point is for her to get exercise

We are not in the greatest neighborhood so going out without my DH is not an option. DH simply cannot be counted on because his job often calls him out.

Should I just bite the bullet at nap time and work out (baby sometimes still keeps me up with teething so Mommy sometimes naps too). Anyway, any advice would be appreciated.

Many Blessings,
An Admirer

OK, a couple of things here.

First, you need to have a joyful attetude like mine. That is you're first step to loosing wait. :)

What is sucking you're joy? Well, I can see right away from you're letter that your sweet hubby needs to re-evaluate his job. What kind of work is he doing that is calling him to be away from his family so much? It is obvious to me that you are materialistic, superfishal Christians. In fact, it wouldent surprize me if you were Catholoc. It is time to get into an authentec 1611 KJV Bible and find a true, KJV-only, Bible-beleiveing church. Money is not that importent, and if you are a true Christian you will not evan want to live the way you are living anymore. It's more importent that your sweet hubby is abel to spend time with his family, fullfilling his dutie as a husband and father, before employee. So he needs to quit his job and do something where he can spend more time with his family. Their are meny ways of cutting back on expences. For example, you may think you need 3 square meals a day, but you are fooling yourself! Besides, you're fat, so you know you don't need to eat. :? You're house is obviously too big and you need into move to something smaller. No family needs more than a 2-bedroom house. Ours is 2-bedrooms, and it is like a luxuryous castle to me! It all has to do with you're attitude. When you sell you're oversized house, sell all you're nice oversized furniture, get rid of you're oversized materilistic attitude, and you will simeltaniously get rid of your oversized body. When you move into you're new home, use the money you made to buy some cheap, but lovely, furniture from Walmart and Orientel Tradeing Compeny. Then you can send the rest of you're money to me and Derik and we will be happy to invest it for you. ;)

Second, I'm sorry if I sound blunt, but you seriousley need a reality check regarding excersize. One hour of excersize is rediculous, no wander you're so fat! I excersize 6 hours a day. Having small children is just an excuse. Hear are some things you can do:

You will be surprized at how much a young child is abel to excercise. Have you herd about the little boy in India who ran 40 miles without stopping? Well, my children are vary athletic like that because we have traned them that way. So, you can require you're babies to run along side you when you're jogging, and you can have them do the Tite-Ass 2 tapes alongside you. That way you both get excericize.

Now, if you nead to, you can also put you're babies in a playpen while you workout. I have written before about the wanders of playpens. Well-traned children can sit for hours in a playpen without ever making a fuss.

Have a blessed day, unless you're Catholoc, which I highly expect. :?


Heron said...

You are too funny! I am loving this! :)

Amanda said...

I agri, Mandy. Your reedur is cleerlee not tring vary hard. When my kids wur 18 mo. old, they started cuking for themselves and scrubin the toylettes. If she's to lazee to trayn her children like mine, then she kneads to get up at three a.m. and exercize until at leest six, if not seven.

But Mandy, I am appauled that u wood sugest the Tite Ass videeos. Thay ware vary tite clothin. It iz not a vary modust exampull.

Eye, for wun, wurk out in my civel war aira hoop skurt and dress. Itz not danjerus at all, az sum peeple suggest.

kritterc said...

You guys are funny. I have a serious question, though. I am a widow in my early 50s and am finding it hard to find me another good man. Mandy, don't you have a nice, lonely friend for me? If not, how do I go about meeting one. I do need to tell you, though, that I am a Catholic - sorry. Do you think that will hurt my chances?

Amanda said...

Kritter, how DARE you violate the purity that is in inherrent in Mandy's site? You are CATHLUC!!! You are not wurthee to kiss Mandy's feet (or ring, as you heathun Cathluc's due).

And furthur more, you don't dezerv to be happee. The fact that your husband died is nuthing more than God punshing you for being Catholuc. Clearly, you have been smote.

I strongly suggest you stop worrying so much about finding a replacement husbund and start reeding your KJV.

kritterc said...

I know - I should not have expected to find joy. I just thought that since I am condemned to "you know where" for all eternity, I might be able to enjoy some manly companionship for what time I have left here on earth. I guess I should go get me a KJV and work on my IQ. Sorry. I don't know what got into me.

Anonymous said...

kitterc, if you are already condemned and know you are going "you know where", go out and have yourself a rip roarin' time. No need to behave as a false Christian even. The die is cast and your lot is designated because you are a vile Catholic. Given that, I say that you should go find yourself a few good men and enjoy the life you have left on this earth here and now since your eternity is obviously going to be nothing but misery.