Sunday, July 13, 2008

Anti-Mandy Websites :(

Some lovely, true Christian, KJV-only ladies in long dresses alerted me to the fact that there are some anti-Mandy websites out there who like to spread vial and discusting rumers and lies about me. :( One such website can be found here:

WARNING: Just be careful ladies, it is a horable website, so don't open it while your preshous children are around. :(

Now I have some responses to this particular anti-Mandyite and all the others out there.

I feel that the catholic bloggers do this because they really believe the garbage they are being fed under the guise of their "faith". Others I suspect are doing it purely because they are vindictive & mean spirited. They like to jump on the bandwagon & want to be part of the new "in crowd" online.

Damnit if you ever refer to me as a Catholoc agein, I will condemn you to hell myself, because I have that speshal gift from God! I make it very clere on my blog here that I hate Catholocs and they discust me, with all there wershup of Mary and the pope and statchues and other atroseties. I could tell right from the gecko that you are just another Catholoc in disguys, I know how you people oparate. You probly report everything to the Vatacan. Well go ahead and report me to the vatacan, God will protect me from the likes of you, and I will not back down! Let you be anathema! :)

When confronted they will lie outright to your face claiming they didn't do anything wrong. Cowards & Bullies. This is how TROLLS operate. They are insecure narcissistic individuals. We should be feeling sorry for them.

Where have I lied? :/ My blog is full of truth, you will not find one single solaterry lie on it. You just don't want to here the truth because it scares you! :)

Then the comments are open to anyone who wishes to leave one but only if they are as nasty as the other cheering squads~I mean readers comments. TROLL authors are egged on by their cheering squads. That's what TROLLS are striving for. The admiration of being nasty. Everyone in this mindset thinks it's hilarious. It is a nasty online clique & they all belong together. Misery loves company. :(

You are obviously a sad, lonely woman who is jealous of me. :( I'm sorry that you see that my having so many readers (I get as many as 20,000 a day) is a thret because you are not as popular as me in blogland. :/ Why don't you come out of the darkness you are living in and come follow me? Be a part of my werld, and you will find everlasting joy. :) I have the truth and the Werds of life. I suggest that you order my free ebook, The Happy Happy Joy Joy Christian Homemaker, it will open your eyes and you will be on the way to living every day full of happiness where you wake up with a smile and go to bed with a smile, even if you get bitten by a rattlesnake, your husband is a deadbeat who won't pay his taxes, and CPS takes away your children. :)

I wonder if these TROLLS who act this way online have children. ? Most likely they do. Which brings me to my next question: if they are spreading such lies & hate, what then are they teaching their own children?

Yes, I do have children and thay are vary smart and well behaved. :) Since we are a true Christian family thay never disobay me. :) They are compleatly aware of my blog becauze I preach the truth and want them to know truth, and also that I am fighting eval with my truth. ;) My 2yo sometimes even does the typing for me while I dictate to her. :) She has to be prepared to confront all the eval Catholocs in this world when she grows up and the time to trane her is NOW.

I find it interesting that some of the TROLLS like to keep their names & online profiles private. What's the matter? Can't you stand behind what you write? Can't you sign your name or an alias instead of anonymous? Can't you have an enabled profile like the majority of us? TROLLS are cowards.

I try to stay somewhat anonimyss by only posting etched pictures, but my meez charachture does look very much like me, and you can tell how beautiful I am from my etched profile. One reason I stay anonimyss is because so meny people are jeallus of me and I fere for my children's safety hear in our small town. :/ But the biggest reason is because the times that I posted real photographs, I kept getting bombarded by modelling agencies and also getting vial and disgusting comments referring to my hot body, asking me things like, "Are they real?" :( Even though they are real and spectaculer, I just can't do this any longer sence now I'm a true Christian. It could be one of your own husbands ladies, and I shoud not cause a brouther to stumble. (See Romans 14:13, if your a true Christian, in your King James Bible.) It would just brake my hart to think of turning on so meny men, and to think what they might be doing while looking at my pictures....that just discusts me. :/

Dear Lost One: Won't you fall to your knees this very moment, and acknowledge that you are a sinner and want to be just like me? Then, won't you accept my free gift - my ebook - which could save your life? Just tell the Lord that you are sorry for being a dumb ass and accept this free gift from me, and you will be saved. If you truly believe on this, then you will not be ashamed to confess it to others - "For I am not ashamed of the gospel of Mandy." When a person truly accepts this gift, the Holy Spirit of God literally comes to live within that person, if you start thinking exactly like me, that will be a big clue that you are on the right path. I will help guide you in your Christian walk.

Have a blessed day, unless your Catholoc. :)


Mama 22 said...

Don't you worry, honey. They are just jellous of you. It's oblivious that they want to be like you. Probably Catholocs, all of them!!

Brushetta said...

Mandy - your best course of action would be to call the FBI. This is the sort of "top priority" job they wait for. The FBI won't let those trolls take a good homemaker down like you without a fight. Ok, have to is the kids hourly rod spanking, including the three month old because she should know not to cry by now.

Anonymous said...

Mandy, I compleatly understand how you feal. I'm so sarry that you half to put up with all the persacushun, but just remember, they are perscuting Christ, not you! Besides, even if you lied, I don't see what the big deel is. :-?

changing4him said...

Proverbs 12:18,19

There is one who speaks like the piercings of a sword. But the tongue of the wise promotes health.

The truthful lip shall be established forever, but a lying tongue is but for a moment.

sweepingthehome said...

Umm, c4h, what's your point?

Clare said...

So true changing4him. I must share that with Candy. Alas and alack I doubt she'll publish. Perhaps you've already tried. Is that why you're posting it here?

Amanda said...

Mandy, I thought perhaps you'd like this gem from the comments at KTH:

"Good testimony.
Swung over by 'Mandy's' site. That is offensive! I know she thinks she is just goading you - but she is also using mocking language toward our Lord and God.
Hope she rethinks were website." (From Esther)

I think the good Lord understands you're mocking her and not him ;)

PS-->When will you post your testimony? I do hope you'll go into detail about the horrible sins you committed before you were saved!

Anonymous said...

Poor Mandy. All those haters out there, making things up and being full of the spirit of the devil. Just ignore them. Their jealousy is obvious. You keep doing what you're doing since you are the only one who really knows anything.

I have to ask your advice on something, since I am here and I know you know everything. My husband and I were thinking of investing in a new business. We really aren't that interested in making money. We're more interested in making a difference in the world. But, if there is a chance for glory with the investment, we'll take that too. We have quite a large chunk of change just sitting around since we started only spending $50 a week to feed our large family and don't pay our taxes and stopped buying expensive shoes and clothes for our spoiled kids. Now that we shop at Goodwill we've saved bundles and want to do something worthwhile with it.

Do you, oh wise one, know of anyone we could work with on this?

sweepingthehome said...

Thanks Amanda. I'm sure it's pretty clear who I'm "mocking" on my blog!

My testamoney....I'll be thinking about weather I should share that or knot. I mean, I used to be so heathenish, and now I'm perfict, I wouldn't want to dissapoint two meny poeple.

Anonymous said...

Deer Mandy>

I think sum peeple just donnot have a sense of humor. I thynk your syte is hilarious (spelling?). Peeple shuld lyten up!

Broosheta, fyrst of all, I agrie with you 100 purcent about the FBI thyng. But, hunney, I thynk you speled your nam wrong so i fixed it for you. Your welcume, swietie! ;)