Saturday, July 12, 2008

Which Bible Character Are You?


Your Result: You're Jesus. You're probably the most famous Jew in the world. Congratulations.

Sorry I don't have time to blog today because we are having compeny over for my Famous Salmon, but I just thought I would post this quiz result for fun! I really wasn't surprized with the results, because when the people who don't like me persacute me, I remember, they are persacuting Christ.

You can take this quiz here.

One more thing before I sign off here, I have ALOT of readers and get asked about 20,000 or more questions each day, and even thow I am a spead reader with a genuious eye cue, I just don't have time to answer everybody. But if I think you're question is importent, than I will try to answer it when I get a chance. ;)

Have a blessed day, unless you are Catholoc. :)


Milehimama said...

20,000? Wow! Youv really got The Blessin on your site. NO wonder your comments go down all the time and peeple's gets lost.

They should know thta of courese some go missing when there are so many.

I took the quiz, and I'm Dorcas. No one paid too mucha ttenshun to her, b ut Paul liked her food.

Milehimama said...

I couldn't help but notice that your Meez has lice.

Have you tried using sourdough starter as a shampoo? Those yeastie beasties really kill the little buggers!

Thanks for being so perfect, I don't know what I'd do if I couldn't look up to you! NOw I'm going to tell everyone I gave Mandy a tip! I'm famous!

Clare said...

Is it bad of me to be actually GRATEFUL that you are doing this?

Parody is sometimes the most satisfying riposte i guess.It certainly feels like a relief to find an outlet for some of the frustrated emotions one feels in humour( Spelt, please note the proper 'KJV' way, God must be AWFULLY pleased with the British on account of our spelling!)

sweepingthehome said...

Hi Clare, and thanks. I'm glad others are enjoying it because I do have fun writing it. My blog started first as a response out of frustration with Candy not posting any opposing comments, and second after realizing what a loon she is and wondering why no one had started a parody before (at least, none that could be found on a search). It is definitely an outlet after reading her asinine posts, and a great revenge. She was asking for it.