Friday, August 1, 2008

Hi Dessert

I received and read the comment, because I nevar make mistakes. I didn't answer it, or read the ~whole~ thing, as it was just rediculous.

I mean, of coarse it is a sin for you to go to the Burning Men festivel. You are obviasly an ignorent Catholoc happely on your way to hell to evan mention that pagan crap on my lovely blog. It is impossable for you to have a pure mind, because you're mind was already in the gutter to begin with for evan ASKING me about it. The only thing I've been preying about that has to do with you, is that you get yourself a 1611 KJV Bible and start reading it because you are lost and hellbound. :-( If you are board with you're life that is also because you are Catholoc. In fact, the reason you're whole life is such a failure and not perfect like mine is because of you're sin of being Catholoc.

And hear is a speshal announcemant. I just can't keep this in the comment sexion, it is two importent. :)

For all you hellbound heathens and Catholocs out there who have nothing bettar to do with you're time, you might be intrested to know that True Christian, Catholoc Basher Joann has a Brand New Blog and would like you to cum by and leave vial and discusting comments for her! She absalutely loves the attenshion. She shut down her old blog and made it privite to keep you damn Catholocs away, but after a weak or so she got loanly and made a point of coming back and telling us about it on Sweeping the Home. Wasn't that thoughtfull? It makes me feal so speshal that she just can't keap away from my blog. :) Joann, I due hope you can become as tite-assed, intellegent, and Christien as me someday, but remember that goal is just too high for most people. But don't worry, God still loves you. He only realy hates the Catholocs. ;)

Have a blessed day. :-)


highdesert said...

Well Mandy I know your always rite and I don't dispute what you said none, but it says in the Good Book not to give your child a STONE when it asks for a FISH well I feel like that's just what you did, give me a hard old stone instead of a fish. Well maybe you thought it was a fish, maybe even a nice piece of sole so I give you credit for that, but who wants a whap in the face with a cold wet scaly fish anyways is what I say even if I'm sure you were trying to save me from the flames of hell but I wonder if you looked in your own conscience you'd see just a mite of your OWN vanity and self-satisfaction just like I admitted to a TINY little desire for feeding the flesh when I was ready to RISK MY ALL by being a MISSIONARY to those poor partially or totally nekkid PAGANs out there at the festival with their flame dances and their pounding drums and heathen temples and I might have been able to give a Chick track to SATIN his own self and yet you tell me I'm a Catholoc when I never bin in a Catholoc church for one minute I think maybe I better start GOING to one just to see where the danger lies, here I thought I was saved reading my nice RSV BIble with the red vinyl cover that the minister give me when I joined the church but no you say it's the wrong Bible probably written by the Catholocs well maybe I bin a Catholoc all along not knowing it and I better go to one of those churches to find out what the difference is at least it will be LESS BORING then what I bin doing and if I'm already doomed I might as well check it out well I might as well go to the festival too having nothing to lose as you have so kindly informed me.

sweepingthehome said...

Hi Dessert,

I posted a delishous, tryed and true fish receipe here a few weeks ago, if what you wanted was fish, why didn't you just check my archyves? I'm not the kind of person to beet around the bush about things, I am blunt and tell it like it is, so I just assume others do the same, and I don't reed in between the lions. :?

And don't lye to me about not being Catholoc, the Holey Spirit told me so.

Milehimama said...

Mandy, I love your blog so much! I know you must have just been so shocked by those vial and vaseless commetns, and thatz why you furgot that God duznt just hate filthee Cathlicks. He hates divorce too, and working women (because if you are outsid ethe home, you will be getting divorced soon.)

I also wanted to ask, sence you hav such wunderful ideas for using evereething thu Lord provydes, what shud I do with my extra sock?

I lost one and I think the dog must have eeten it becuz I looked everywere, even under the refrigerattor coils whin I dustd tehm (Thanks, HMBU!) and it is no wheres to be fownd.

I just hate to waist a sock, but I cant stand the thowt of wiping dust or gittin sock germs evereewher. Wut do yew do with yur extree sox?

Anonymous said...

Oh Great Mandy, All-Wise and All-Knowing,

I, too, am sorrie that you have to receeve such owful email of people who don't like you. I just thynk that you're so pretty and one day, after growing my hair owt to my ancles and drinking kambuchia, maybe I can be as thin adn pretty as you are, not to mention smart.

You know, I have your picture in my living room in a huge frame to remind me to try to live up to your standerds.

I actually work outside the home and don't have any children. Am I going to hell for that? Should I come to the meez party and say the prayer... will that fix it?

Pleese help me. Your so wise in your 28-32 years.

highdesert said...

Well Mandy I tried you're delicious fish recipe and my Dear Hubby tasted it and said, "What...IS this?" in a tone of voice that did not indicate enthusiasm. So I told him it was made with healthy and economical canned salmon and he said maybe the canned salmon taste would be improved with some seasoning and I told him that herbs and spices were Not Economical and were just Feeding the Flesh, a thing of which he had said he disapproved, and he said there was a difference between Feeding the Flesh and Doing Penance which was what that casserole amounted to and since we were not Catholoc we did not need to do penance and let's call out for a pizza which we did and it was very tasty I must say.

And I had read an interesting hash recipe on Rosa-Monday's blog to which you have a link in your side bar and she has an interesting recipe for a kind of spicy lamb hash, well she called it lamb rogan 'josh' but I think she must have misspelled it and really meant lamb rogan hash and I don't know what rogan could mean but anyway now the way is clear for me to buy a leg of lamb and some cardomoms and saffron and give this hash recipe a try and no one can make any comments about Feeding the Flesh or Being Uneconomical.

And I had a bright idea what to do with the leftover salmon casserole I put it in a jar in the cabinet to FERMENT with my goal being homemade Thai fish sauce well Mandy the STENCH you would NOT BELEIVE!!! and at first I thought the Evilutionists were right and life had appeared from nothing, but then it come to me that some stray bacteria had drifted in and it just showed that I did not know how to ferment fish sauce so Mandy I hope you will tell us how to do that in the future since your so skilled at fermenting and maybe you could comment on wether using spices & herbs is sinful or not since you seem to avoid them you might want to try a few in your salmon receipe next time I recommend cayenne as a distraction from the canned salmon taste.

True said...

I know this may seem silly, but I've been thinking about my comment and I would seriously like to retract it. I am kind of ashamed that I participated in mockery of a human being who needs pity more than insult. I am sorry if what I said was hurtful to anyone. As a Christian, I shouldn't have done it. I apologize.

highdesert said...

(To the above poster: I don't think that's silly at all. I think it does you credit.
When I first started reading here I worried about the mockery. But then 'Mandy' started taking on a life of her own in my mind and I started to respond to this 'Mandy', not meaning to insult anyone else (although possibly failing.)
But if you want to, I think you can erase your posts by going to the 'post a comment' page and clicking on the little trash icon below your posts.)

sweepingthehome said...

True, that is fine and I don't think you're silly. I will say you're a better person than I am.

Nevertheless, here's my excuse. I have a sarcastic sense of humor and love stuff on madtv and snl. The best skits are the parodies, imo - even when they make fun of a person or a show I like. I feel that if Candy wants to make her strange way of life an open book on the internet and criticize everyone who doesn't live exactly as she does, she is only asking for it.

But I will honor your request and remove your comment. (And just a note - you can remove your own comments on blogger - a nice feature to know about.)

Anonymous said...

You should all be ashamed of yourselves.
Who are you to do all of this to such a special Lady. I have learnt so much from her Blog.
Mandy, i'm Ssooo sorry people are being vile towards you. You are such an inspiration to me. It doesn't matter that i can spell better than you Sweetie. We are all Gods Children so please don't be jealous and ban me from your site. (Not meant to offend you ~ Comes staight from my Heart!!)
Highdesert ~ Wtf..How could you let a strange man give you C.P.R without even knowing how rich he was. Shame on you...Shame on all of you for encouraging her. Infact you should all be ashamed because that isn't very Christian. Not knowing how much money he had. What would you of done if he had NO money at all. You couldn't turn to the Mafia. They only give money to the more important people you know.
Mandy, Keep up the Good work...You really are such an inspiration to all. I would love to be You..

Mary +

Anonymous said...

My Apologies To Highdesert.
Should be ~ WTF..Kritterc..But the answer still stays the same..
You should not let any man near you unless Mandy says it's OK. She is the only one experienced in these matters. We are all Fat and Lazy. She is the only one with the Hot Body ~~Oh Mandy i wish i was You~~

Highdesert ~ I've tried that wonderful Fish Recipee ~ It put my Husband in Hospital so i most probably didn't do it right. I tried to follow your instructions Mandy put i'm not as perfect as you. Should i try it again. I'm very scared but if you say i should then obviously i must. You are the expert after all.

Mary +

Anonymous said...

Ok. Just got your Meez thingy.
It's a Snake. Thought it was a Fish..Lols
What a Great Idea Natalie..I think we should all have our own Big Blown Up picture of Mandy in our Living Rooms. Can i use your Blog know the one with the rose. That's so Beautiful..A true Likeness of how i want to be.

highdesert said...
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