Saturday, June 28, 2008

To Tia


I can see that you are here only to insult me and post vile and disgusting, trashy comments to me, calling me horrible names that I cannot even repete here on my blog. Tia, if you feel so bad about your own homemaking skills that you have to attack me, than I would suggest you look in the mirror and ask who has the real problam here. Are you a true ladie? Do you please your preshious hubby? Are you cutting your hair? Wearing pants? Makeup? You know what, if you have to wear makeup it's because you don't look good without it and that is a HUGE sign that are not eating healthy, so maybe you should start putting some of my Famous Salmon on your regular dinner menu. Get real, Tia. Get yourself a good King James Bible and start reading it because you are lost and need serius help.


Working up to Zero said...


Oh that is so aweful how could anyone leave such mean and horrible comments on your wonderful faithfilled sight. I don't blames you for not repeeateing them, you are two good to say anything as aweful as I imgan something that would be aweful enough for you to not post would have to be. You are an inspireatington to all of us women who want to be tite ass 2 ladies.

barb said...

Mandy, Why do peeple hate you? I mean you are so smart with your homekeeping skills where so many hats--cooking, cleaning, childreering, anti-catholicism...I mean all the "C"'s necessary to keep a home. I don't want to hurt your feelings but your canned salmon recipe was not liked (I am sinning for saying this word but it tasted like crap) by my blessed family X5. See, we gave the rest (which was a lot)of the salmon to the cat and now Mr. Friskers has the "runs" big time. I know when your daughter woke up at night, you gave her codliver oil (is cod related to salmon?) so I gave him some cod liver oil and now the runs is constant. I mean, Mr. Friskers overflowed the litter box and it is the size of a bathtub. Geesh. Now the cat is wearing cloth diapers--I read your step by step directions on folding the diapers--they are working great. Though, I change the cat every 30 minutes and the diaper barrel is full but I have my wonderful washer working. I am blessed. I am listening to the KJV bible as I was writing this and my spelling improved. You are my inspiration. Dammit, the cat just got bitten by a brown recluse spider....I will put his paw in 120 degree water and hopefully the necrosis will not slough off the paw. Like you, I smile when I have a bad day because getting mad will not do anything. I am do happy I discovered your blog. I am thinking I may try the curds and whey. But should I been even reading LITTLE MISS TUFFET to my children because you are not supposed to be afraid of spiders. Maybe after I make the whey---I will let the family of spiders in my Burka lounger (it is lime green--it matches my KJV bible) feast on the whey with our family. Mandy, you are my inspiration and I want to be just like you. I like how you work with your colic on the left (your right) of your upper cranium---such a nice space of skin showing. Some days, it is in the shape of a heart---as big as yours. God does show his love. It is late but I do need to stay up with Friskers and fold his diapers. I had hubby run ot Goodwill and he purchased 300 diapers for $4.00. Some did have the velcro but some don't. Friskers scratched me when I stuck him with the diaper pin. Tolu.

candyisascrazyasitgets said...

I have to say I love your posts, and as a stay at home parent I look to you for guidance and admiration. Those other ant-Mandy sites and people are just jealous. I can't believe they would be so vile and rude. Just ban her from coming back. Tia this is MANDY'S SITE if you don't like it leave. She has every right to say what ever she wants. I don't know why people keep coming here just to trash you.
On I side note, I tried to make your salmon in a can, but it kept getting eaten by my cats. Is there anything you would recommend to keep the cats away. Do you know a good cat recipe? Oh and down with the Catholics.

Anonymous said...

I'm not Catholic, I don't have a cat, and I call it like I see it. Ban me if you must.

RudyBug said...

Tia, we will not give in to your Catholic reverse psychology. You and Tom Cruise can take your black magic somewhere else.

Milehimama said...

You say your not Cathlic. I can say I am not Abraham Lincon but that doesn't mean anything, does it???
:-O } ))

Forget anything anybody ever told you and get a KJV bible. One from 1611 but ignore that apocrypha stuff in there - the Cathlics put it in them to fool us. They used theri wealth and power to buy every KJV 1611 there was and put it in. >:o[

In fact, don't even trust your eyes. Just put your hand on the bible and let the spirit reveal what he wants you to know. Or click on my sidebar, Lets study the Bible togethur. Or maybe you can find a random guy to reveal the Lord's word to you.

If it tickles your ears and sounds good, it's a true prophecy even if it comes from a complete stranger who may or may not be a Christian.

Milehimama said...

Cats are different from people. Because they, don't have the spirit. Also Catholics, 120 degree water wont work for them.

If your animals get bit by a BR, they need higher temperatures. You'll have to boil him. Save the water because BR proteins make great astounding superfiberlicious bread!

Well, the baby chewed, through her bars so I must go get the duct tape.


catthief said...

OMG!! Milehimama, I laughed so hard at your comment my kids came in to see what was up...