Friday, June 27, 2008

Fun Family Day Today!

Now that I have read 4 books of the bible, and finished my 3-hour work out session and wiped off, I have just a minute to blog. We have a big, advenchurous day planned today. First, we will be going to the mall to play in the water fountens. If you haven't done that with your family, you should give it a try, it's fun and free. ;) After that it will be lunch time, so we will head out to Sam's club to eat all the free samples. I highly reccommend doing this to save money, especially if you have a large family. Sam's Club offers plenty of free samples without obligation to buy anything, and it's always enough to feed our entire family! After Sams, we will go to the hospital and hand out Jack Chick tracts. We will be looking especially for people who are wearing crucefixes as our main target. After we are done with our family ministry, we will reward ourselves by riding up and down the elevaters a few times!

See ladies, there are lots of ways to have fun outings with your family for free! Have a blessed day! (Unless you're catholoc.)


Anonymous said...

oh, your day sounds just soooo fun, lol!!

whatsmynameagain? said...

Hey Mandy, you're such an inspiration!!! How do you do it? I'm fat lazy and stupid, and I'm learning sooo much from you. I want to be a tite ass 2 keeper of the home just like you.

RudyBug said...! (sobbing) Just kidding. I visited that blog for the first time today and, WOW. If I hadn't seen it, I would not have believed it. You really are too funny.

Anonymous said...

have you posted a link to your lovely site to keepingthehome yet? I know it won't be posted but she'll enjoy reading it.. or not, lol!!

AmandaL said...

Oh, shame on you, Mandy! How could you take those precious little ones of yours to the sinner filled mall? Why, that's were all the sinners go to buy pants and walk around with their fashionable hairstyles. What will your children do now that they have seen what normal people look like--it has probably filled their little hearts with sin. Please don't ever go to the mall again; do all of your hating at home like you are supposed to.

candyisascrazyasitgets said...

The way I got noticed was I went to everything Candy on google and just randomly posted my address.

barbie said...

I agree with amandal. You should not be taking those children out to malls and places where they could see other people in modern swim wear.

I mean what if your son saw a woman with her knees showing and he had a thought of her.

What if a female brushed up against him and he was forever stained by sinful thoughts. Wouldn't you have to cut off his right hand or something?

Really it's too much to risk.