Thursday, January 31, 2013

Bad Day? No way.

My dear fellow joyful Christian homemakers,

Have you had a bad day? Have things not gone your way? Have you nothing good to say?

There is no reason for you to answer "yes" to any of those questions!!!

Having a bad day is a CHOICE, as well as having a GOOD day!

Suppose you wake up in the mourning, and you have your day planned out. You were going to wake up at 4:00 AM, like normal, run 12 miles to the gym, work out with waits, then run home, before your husband and kids woke up. But, for some unexplaned reason, you're alarm didn't go of! You realize it is already 6:00 and you don't have time to work out at the gym. Well, Silly, just run to the gym and back - you still have time for that, just not waitlifting for the day! Your back by 7:00, and their is still time to pick bluebarries from your backyard and make organnic oatmealle for breakfast!

Then, after you serve breakfast, you try to start homeschool with the kids, but your husband wants a little extra "attention." Well, you give your kids their workbooks, circle two extra pages for each subject, and you know they're busy for the next four hours! You have plenty of time to spend in a  locked bathroom with your wonderful, hardworking, hot husband. (Well, I'm sorry if I hit a coard with some of you here, I know most of you don't have a hot husband like mine, but you chose to marry the loser and it's your duty to satisfy him...I think you get my drift *wink*)

Then, after you have pleased you're husband, and the kids are finished with they're homeschooling, you start to make lunch, but you find out you're refrigerator has broken down and all your food has spoiled overnight, and your husband informs you that he was fired from his job 2 weeks ago but he hasn't wanted to tell you yet, but there is no money in the bank, and then you hear your children crying and look over and see that your dog has suddenly keeled over and died, and there is a knock at the door and you're husband is under arrest for not paying 15 years of parking tickets - they have finally caught up to him! What do you do? You smile sweatly, you joyfully put all the rotting food in your compost pile, thank the Lord for such a wonderful addition to your compost, you smile VERY sweatly at the police officer who is arresting your husband and tell him that you will do help make up for you're husbands' parking tickets, and you bury the damn dog - you didn't like the stupid creature in the first place! Thank the Lord, it is out of your life! And, give the kids a side hug to make them think you care.

These are some ideas, to help you if you find you're day doesn't go as planned.

There is no reason to EVER, have a bad day.  I have never had a bad day, in my entire life, because I CHOOSE to be joyful! If you try hard enough, you may learn, to be like me!

Have a JOYFUL day, sisters!


Anonymous said...

Glad to see you're writing again, Mandy! I've missed the crazy!

Anonymous said...

Where are you, Mandy! Please come back!